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Hydrating Families - Mothers Grab & Go's Water Initiative

Access to clean and safe water is a fundamental necessity for every individual and family. Our non-profit organization is dedicated to providing assistance and resources to ensure that families in need have access to reliable water sources. Here are the services and initiatives we offer:


Water Assistance Programs

We provide assistance programs to help low-income and no-income families with their water bills. Through partnerships with local water utilities and government agencies, we work to reduce the financial burden of water expenses for those who qualify.

Water Well Drilling

Well and Pump Assistance

In rural areas or communities where access to public water supply is limited, we offer assistance programs to help families with well drilling, repair, or maintenance. Our aim is to ensure that every family has a sustainable source of water for their daily needs.

Water Purifier & Glass

Water Filtration and Purification

In areas where the quality of water is a concern, we collaborate with experts to distribute water filtration and purification systems. These systems help remove contaminants and ensure that families have access to clean and safe drinking water in their homes.

Cold Water Bottles

Emergency Water Relief

In times of natural disasters or emergencies that disrupt water supplies, we work swiftly to provide emergency water relief. This includes distributing bottled water, setting up water stations, and coordinating with local authorities to address immediate water needs.


Water Conservation Education

We believe in promoting responsible water usage and conservation. Our organization conducts educational campaigns and workshops to raise awareness about the importance of conserving water resources. We provide practical tips and resources to help families reduce water consumption in their daily lives.

We strive to make a significant impact on water access and affordability for families in need. Join us in our efforts to ensure that clean and safe water is accessible to all.

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