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Mothers Grab & Go Barter Hub: Trading Necessities 

We believe in fostering a sense of community and supporting alternative forms of exchange. Our non-profit organization aims to facilitate bartering and promote the sharing economy among individuals and families in need. Here are the services and initiatives we offer:

Family Portrait

Bartering Network

We establish a bartering network where individuals can exchange goods and services without the need for traditional currency. Through our platform, community members can connect with each other, list items or services they have to offer, and negotiate mutually beneficial trades.

Woman with Safety Helmet

Barter Events and Workshops

We host barter events and workshops to educate and engage the community in the art of bartering. These events provide a platform for individuals to come together, share their experiences, learn negotiation skills, and build connections based on mutual exchange.


Skills and Service Exchange

We encourage the sharing of skills and services within the community. Our organization facilitates the exchange of skills such as tutoring, home repairs, gardening, childcare, and more. By leveraging the talents and abilities of community members, we create a supportive network where everyone can contribute and benefit.

Image by Rahul Chakraborty

Online Barter Platform

We develop and maintain an online platform that enables individuals to engage in virtual bartering. Through this platform, community members can connect, list their available items or services, and arrange trades conveniently from their own homes.

Modern Neighborhood

Community Marketplace

We organize community marketplaces where individuals can bring items they no longer need or use and exchange them with others. These marketplaces provide an opportunity for families to access essential items and reduce waste by giving a new life to pre-loved goods.

By promoting barter ability, we aim to encourage resourcefulness, reduce financial barriers, and foster a sense of community empowerment. Join us in embracing the sharing economy and building connections through alternative forms of exchange.

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